Antoinette McWeeney

Meet our lovely new teacher Antoinette !

” I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece and an aunt.  I am many things to many people.  I have to keep myself strong and healthy and happy so that I can support others.  I do that with homeopathy.

I come from a family of fierce females, feminine warriors and hard workers.  I’d like to think I have inherited some of that.

The greatest achievement of my life has been giving birth to 3 crazy, beautiful children.  Wildes by name, wild by nature!

I began my homeopathic career as a general practitioner but it has evolved and I now treat mostly women.

Day after day I saw exhausted mothers march their little charges into my clinic.  And while the children recovered, the mothers became more and more fatigued as they continued to put everybody else’s needs before their own.

Eventually I began to suggest that they came for a consultation first, before their children (shock, horror)!

Ladies, we know this.  We cannot hold others if we are operating from a place of sheer exhaustion.  I’ve been there myself.  It didn’t help me and it didn’t help my children.

We must look after our own needs first.” – Antoinette

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