Misha Norland 22-24.4.16

Misha is the Founder and Principal of The School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. He was made a Fellow of The Society of Homeopaths in the U.K. for “outstanding services to homeopathy”. Misha has been in homeopathy since the early days of its recent revival and is a founder member of the British Society of Homeopaths. Misha is internationally recognized and respected both as a teacher and as a clinician.

With nearly 30 years of homeopathic practice, 20 years of teaching, 16 years of video-taping cases, and 9 years of conducting provings, Misha shares an extraordinary depth of understanding, knowledge and experience. An insightful and popular lecturer worldwide, Misha is also a frequent contributor to various U.K. and European journals.

In this unique seminar, Misha will speak about the Mappa Mundi of elements and temperaments. Misha will illustrate the theory with remedies and also weave in case examples and a School of Homeopathy proving into the tapestry. On Friday Misha will demonstrate how he works, with a video case as a detailed example of how he approaches casework.

The seminar will be held near TSH, at Pihasali.
The price of the seminar is €280.

More info: info(at)homeopatiakoulutus.fi